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Chapter Two - Allow Me To Introduce Myself


My name is Sean.

Sean Choi.

A hybrid Korean-American currently residing in the salty city of...well...

Salt Lake City

Getting this site (1) generated, (2) built, and (3) promoted has been quite the ride. For starters, I've gained a HUGE appreciation for web design. Second, keeping up with content, blogs, social media, is a  .lot.of.work.  However, at the same time, it's been so  //rewarding//.  

- Images are powerful -

But at the same time, they can bring about questions when not provided with the proper context. That's what I hope to achieve with this blog:

Photos + Stories + Experiences

So tune in if you'd like!

For my last shoot I was graced by the inquiry of Jasmine Lynch. A local stylist with an *eye* for good taste. She delighted me with the request to take a couple pictures to kickstart and launch her fashion blog. Obviously, I was honored.

We couldn’t have asked for better models. They were cooperative, confident, and took initiative. McRae Binggeli was first up and I have to interrupt by publicly telling her CONGRATULATIONS on her engagement!! Next, we had Sarah Hammer. Hands down, one of the [greatest] people I've ever been privileged to meet. Lastly, we had Jasmine step in for a few shots as well as her roommate Annie Holm. They were both  n a t u r a l s.

Getting down to it - what I grasped from this:

Photography is truly an  |A|R|T|

Our subjects are the canvas and the camera is our paintbrush.

This dawned on me as I was doing a few lighting and color adjustments to the photos. I came to the realization that  -I-  was solely responsible for how these people were to be portrayed. It felt like a  r.e.s.p.o.n.s.i.b.i.l.i.t.y. Then it resulted in a  =connection= .  A photo shoot can be such a bonding experience and at the same time, a means of a beautiful friendship. Thankful for each of the people I was able to work with for this shoot!

Until next time – remember to  ~learn constantly~ , ~live freely~ , and ~smile endlessly~ .


Chapter One - Mic Check


A blog! A BLOG! Who knew?!

Never in my wildest of adolescent dreams would I have foreseen myself at the prime age of 23 sitting in the university library starting a blog. To be completely honest, it wasn’t too long ago that I considered blogs to be a second hobby for mothers that have a caravan of kids or bitter ex’s bickering about their past significant others.

It is NOT that.at.all.

Simply put, thoughts are  p o w e r f u l.

This brought me back to a few semesters ago in a Media Law course I was taking at the University of Utah. Skimming through all the brush of information that would most likely not apply to my future career, I did find a few  -gems-  of information. One of them was when our professor referred to John Stuart Mill to solidify his lecture that day on freedom of expression. Mill, a British philosopher and political theorist from the 1800’s shared:

“An opinion may contain truth. If you silence that opinion, the truth may be lost.”

How perfect is this quote in an application to blogs?! There are  thousands of digital voices out there stating their opinions in hope to reach out -> to readers that are able to find truth in their statements. Who’s to say that it’s solely limited to truth? There are  e n d l e s s  opportunities of finding -

-  Joy  -  Solace  -  Empathy  -

So, from this day forward, I plan on voicing my opinion. Or in this case, voicing my truth. As an ambitious photographer, certified thinker, and fellow human, I plan on sharing my experiences in life through words and a camera lens.

Thus, I hope that my jumbled concoction of thoughts can provide any of you readers some form of  //value//. If I’m talking to an empty cyber room, who cares? Because words unspoken have the loudest consequences.*

Until we meet again.


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