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With today’s endless options of photographers, selecting one can be a lot more daunting and time intensive of a decision than you may have thought.

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As with most trades, you typically get what you pay for and shopping around for a photographer here in New England is no different. The costs include all your artist’s skills, experience, and professionalism to get those final photos.

Many others have gone through the same journey as you and found their way to myself including: bride & grooms, brands, modeling agencies, freelance models, business owners, etc. Not only have they been happy enough with the results to be displayed anywhere from local magazines to the famous Strip in Las Vegas, but we’ve also been able to develop lifelong friendships in the process.

Generally, there are two options to get professional photographs. Hire an agency and pay high costs or hire a freelancer and run the risk of low quality.

Along with the agencies listed below that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America - the world's largest nonprofit photography association organized for professional photographers, by professional photographers. Founded in 1958, the PPA now boasts a 30,000 creative community spanning more than 50 countries.

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Any left-brained photography business owner will execute and deliver your photos. The right-brained craftsman will create/cultivate photos that you will look at countless times. There’s no ‘buts’ here, you’re going to get both worlds. Your photos will radiate priceless memories, invoke emotions, inspire, and will be delivered timely.

The past 7 years have been spent building my personal brand but I’ve practiced this craft since the ripe age of 7 with my first gallery feature in New York City. Since then, I’ve been able to study and familiarize myself with the different branches of photography over the times such as wedding, travel, brand, lifestyle, product, and portraiture, providing you with a wide array of styles.

Adaptability aside, my core preference is raw and moody portraiture much like world-class photographer Peter Lindbergh who I have spent countless days studying as one of my primary sources of inspiration. 

Fortunately for you, my character of being an absolute nerd will prove beneficial. From light photons to human anatomy to file types, I geek out endlessly and it naturally incorporate/implement it into my photography. The following are a few books that helped shape my current knowledge base and were pivotal in my development.




Professional photos are an investment and as with any investment, there are a lot of factors and variables that go into your final decision. Along with quality and cost, a key consideration that we innately desire is a connection with the brand or the livelihood of a company. I’d like to introduce you to my personal brand.

Starting with the roots - I was brought up in iconic New York City right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Throughout my lifetime of 28 years, I have also called Salt Lake City, UT and Northern California my homes as well. I am of Korean descent and was raised by my first-generation immigrant mother.

I’ve always been surrounded by outstanding mentors through organizations with strong traditions and high standards. Involvement in these groups were integral to the development of my character and the business acumen I have today. Here are a few that I have to thank: