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“new kid on the block”


Hello Rhode Island!

My name is Sean and I’m a recent transplant here in the state. It’s been such a wicked experience exploring the area and all the local sites that I’ve decided to launch a special deal!




Any businesses here in the 401




One of my favorite parts is the strong presence of local businesses and, man, is there a lot of potential. It’s inspired me to make it a goal to build a healthy network and do what I can to help the community grow. As someone in the marketing profession, I understand and saw a need for content. As a way to engage with customers and distinguish your business from others, I found that many of these unique businesses have stories left untold. It’s a way to bring more business and show off that you are up to speed on today’s technology. There’s more foot traffic, better customer experiences, and repeat customers that are left untapped. 




Because I want you to be fully confident in my services, I am offering brief content consultations in which we can go over your current content and potential plans/campaigns for future content. To help capture the vision, we can even do a few test shots. All of this at ZERO COST to you. I want it to be clear that I want and appreciate your business.




Give me a shout! Fill out the quick form below and I’ll be sure to follow up with you.




Contact by November 12th, 2018 as availability for the rest of the year is already limited.

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